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Company Profile

TechnoZing is a company headquartered at Delhi, India. It is promoted by a group of Engineers and Technocrats, having rich experience in the software. The organization of TechnoZing is optimized for developing high quality website and software with low overhead costs. The rules of the software development process and the software project management tools are the core know-how of the company. We develop and strictly follow the development process, design the code for testing, write automatic test programs, and force a team to work on every piece of the code. We believe that teamwork was invented for web development & software development.

TechnoZing and our products are completely open. Our clients may get any information, internal rules, state of the development processes, source code of libraries and programs, (depends upon the contract) or may consult our programmers. To ensure the openness of the company, the basic communication channel is the Internet.

TechnoZing knows how to fulfill a commitment and we know the ins and outs of design, marketing, usability and accessibility. But, unlike many other companies, we do understand that creativity alone is not enough. Being business savvy, we use our knowledge to provide our clients a positive return on investment. You can trust us to guide you in all aspects of website development, including custom graphics, e-commerce solutions, shopping cart set-up, and more. We enable companies to protect and reliably deliver their business-critical data with the highest performance.

Experienced Team Of Web Designers & Web Developers

TechnoZing often fits between big web design “consultancies” with their large financial overheads and the small, local companies that simply do not have the breadth of web skills or experience to deliver all parts of a complex solution. Our team of web project managers, designers and developers specialized in the specification, design, programming, and hosting of complex websites and applications.
Design is the core to any successful website and our in-house web designers are experienced in producing design concepts that complement your ideas, marketplace and product.

Quality Standards
Technozing Quality Initiatives are based on a 3Q approach:

  • Quality Process
  • Quality Communications
  • Quality personnel

Each project at TechnoZing is under constant control of a dedicated quality assurance department that monitors project activities and results at each development phase.


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