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Application Development

TechnoZing offers customized outsourcing Product/Application development meet your specific business needs. Our solutions are based on cutting-edge technologies and can be integrated into any existing IT environment or adjusted to your mainframe system. We take an individual approach to unique and complex IT challenges. This may involve analysis and elaboration of your business needs for a projected system.

TechnoZing can help with:

  • Product Development
  • Testing
  • Customization
  • Porting
  • Base Technology Enhancement
  • Code Perfection
  • Product Sustenance
  • Product Help Desk or Support

Our software product clients leverage our past experience without compromising on confidentiality.

Speed-To-Market: Teaming up with us, our software product clients bring out their products much faster than their competition.

The Offshore Model: Our software product clients leverage the unique offshore model offered by TechnoZing for speed and cost advantage. They leverage the time-zone difference to have 24-hour development teams taking their products from concept to market.

Protection of Intellectual Property: TechnoZing maintains complete confidentiality about the work we do for our all our clients. Their intellectual property is protected on all counts and our clients appreciate this.

Dedicated Infrastructure: TechnoZing Product Competency Center has dedicated infrastructure in terms of: Replication of hardware and software environment, Secure, Fire walled network and Technology upgrade consistent with customer’s roadmap.

In addition, TechnoZing can set up dedicated link lines which facilitate communication through video conferencing, teleconferencing and of course, email.

In short, we will do everything to make the dedicated Product Competency Center a seamless extension of our software product clients.


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